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Our Mission

Flowering QuinceHook’s Greenhouse and Farm Market strives to provide expert advice on a variety of high quality, competitively priced plants and produce for any gardener from novice to expert. Hook’s also aims to use natural, green methods to grow and maintain all products to ensure that only the finest goods are available for their customers. More About Us

Ideas We Love

Creating a Fairy Garden
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Before throwing out old cookware consider turning it into a Fairy garden!

Step #1 Select container, drill hole in bottom for good drainage

Step #2 Fill with high quality potting soil

Step #3 Select appropriate plants. I selected a mix of annual and perennials. This way some can come back...


Plants We Love

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Asiatic lilies are exceptional perennials.  They are easy to grow, hardy, and long lived.  Generally early bloomers, they have a light fragrance, or none at all.  Their flowers are mostly upfacing and have the greatest range of shades and color combinations and more variance in flower shape. ...


What We Offer

Determinate vs Indeterminate
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Choosing Tomatoes can be tricky, one way to choose is by height. “Determinate” (or Bush) varieties of tomatoes reach a certain (predetermined) plant height, and then the plant stops growing. All the tomatoes from this plant ripen at approximately the same time (usually over a period of 1-2...


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